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About Us

Full-type Logistics Solution

Alleasy Supply Chain has extensive experience in cross-border e-commerce logistics, we helped many e-commerce sellers simplify their supply chain by offering various services like logistics consultation, China storage, e-Commerce order fulfillment, inventory management, bulk cargo shipping to Amazon/third-party warehouses, and even product sourcing, QC, customized packing, kitting & assembly, etc.

Partnering with us, our clients can enjoy flexible fulfillment services in China, which may be hard to accomplish when working with suppliers or other 3rd party warehouses.

China logistics warehouse company
China logistics warehouse company

We understand deeply that shipping is more than moving packages, it concerns packing quality, shipping speed, infrastructure, and consumer expectations. We pride ourselves on becoming your business partner— not just another fulfillment center.

The cooperation with us will be direct, honest, transparent, easy to understand, so you can focus more on what’s important — growing business and delivering a remarkable customer experience.

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    AlleasySCM (Alleasy Supply Chain Management) provides China-based to worldwide’s eCommerce Fulfillment and Logistics Solutions for all levels of eCommerce merchants who are selling products made in China.

    Let Alleasy shorten your supply chain, we make e-Commerce fulfillment easy, we handle complex logistics from your supplier to end consumers all around the world, so you can focus on scalable growth.

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