China Fulfillment Center

China Fulfillment Center

Alleasy Supply Chain Located in the global manufacturing hub of Shenzhen, China. It will streamline your entire supply chain and reduces your fulfillment costs. Rather than just being a standard 3PL, we offers end-to-end logistics services to increase your brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

China Fulfillment Center​

What Service You Can Get from Alleasy Supply Chain’s Fulfillment Warehouse?

Dropshipping Fulfillment​
China logistics warehouse company

Why you need Fulfillment service from China?

A fulfillment service in China can provide a wide range of services to online retailers, including:


The service provider can store your products in their warehouse in China, saving you the cost of managing your own warehouse.

Custom packaging and branding

Some fulfillment services can also provide custom packaging and branding solutions to help enhance your brand image.

Order processing

The fulfillment service can process orders on your behalf, including picking, packing, and shipping products to your customers.

Quality control

The fulfillment service can also perform quality control checks on your products to ensure they meet your standards before shipping to customers.

Advantages of Fulfillment Center in China

China logistics warehouse company

The shipping is much more efficient.

You will experience extremely short lead times from your supplier to a fulfillment center in China. With a China fulfillment center, parcels can be delivered to the United States,EU Regions or many other markets worldwide in five to ten calendar days.

China logistics warehouse company

Less Inventory

It means you can hold 90% less inventory or even more. And you can scale much more flexibly and with much less risk on your cash investment in inventory. 

China logistics warehouse company

Shipping fast with lower cost

you can ship globally very profitably from China fulfillment center. It will likely be cheaper than any type of local fulfillment service.

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China logistics warehouse company

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