Fulfillment and Shipping From China, Quick Solution For eCommerce Business

Your Freight Forwarder China to Global

We can provide you with services such as:

– Outsourcing

– Warehouse consolidation

– Customs clearance

– Product sourcing and factory search.

– Factory Verification, to make sure you don’t get scammed.

– Best pricing negotiation

– Samples / Prototypes

– Pick & Package/Repackaging

– Customization of products (Adding your logo, labels, thank you notes) + Quality control

– Amazon FBA

– AliExpress Dropshipping Center

– Orders fulfillment from China to Worldwide

Your Premier Shipping Agent and Freight Forwarding in China

At AlleasySCM, we merge our roles as your foremost Shipping Agent and Freight Forwarder in China to offer comprehensive logistic solutions. Our services ensure smooth and efficient handling of your international shipments.

  • Expert Shipping Agency: Navigating the complexities of international shipping with our in-depth expertise in customs clearance and logistics management.
  • Reliable Freight Forwarding: Offering both air and sea freight options, we customize our freight solutions to meet your specific shipping needs.

Choose AlleasySCM for reliable handling of your shipments, guaranteeing fast and secure delivery to global destinations.Transform Your Shipping Experience!

China logistics warehouse company

Integrated China Warehouse and Pick & Pack Services

At AlleasySCM, we blend our state-of-the-art China Warehouse capabilities with efficient Pick & Pack Services to streamline your logistics and fulfillment needs. This integrated approach ensures both secure storage and precise order handling.

  • Advanced Storage Solutions: Our China Warehouse provides secure and efficient storage, keeping your inventory safe and well-managed.
  • Streamlined Order Fulfillment: From picking items directly from our warehouse to expert packing, we ensure quick and accurate order processing.

Experience the synergy of combined warehouse and pick & pack services.

Comprehensive Drop Shipping Fulfillment Solutions

Order Fulfillment

At AlleasySCM, we provide bespoke drop shipping fulfillment services, streamlining your e-commerce operations. Our services ensure a smooth, efficient process, with advantages that set us apart:

With AlleasySCM

Sourced directly from factories
China Steady inventory
1-2 days processing

With AliExpress

Ordering from resellers as consumer
High risk of out of stock
7 days processing

Streamlined Dropshipping from China

AlleasySCM excels in facilitating dropshipping directly from China, making it easier for you to manage and grow your e-commerce business. We provide a streamlined process that includes:

  • Direct Access to Chinese Suppliers: Connect with a vast network of reliable suppliers in China for a diverse range of products.
  • Efficient Order Handling:Ensure quick and accurate order fulfillment. The orders can be fulfilled and sent out on the same day, if receive your orders before 10:00 a.m.(Beijing time).
Drop Shipping Agent

Expert China Sourcing Agent Services

With AlleasySCM, leverage our expertise as a China Sourcing Agent to access the best suppliers and products for your business needs. Our services are tailored to provide:

  • Quality Supplier Connections: We connect you with top-tier suppliers, ensuring quality and reliability.
  • Negotiation and Quality Control: Our team expertly handles negotiations and maintains strict quality control standards.
China logistics warehouse company

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