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Dropshipping or Third Party Fulfillment?

Before you make a decision, you should know the difference between Dropshippping and Third Party Fulfillment.

How Dropshipping works?

Dropshipping Fulfillment is a business model that allows online sellers to sell products without stocking their own inventory. The online retailer purchases needed inventory from third-party suppliers and the suppliers ship the products directly to the customers. 

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Advantages of Dropshipping Fulfillment

Low cost from start

The biggest advantage to dropshipping is that you don’t have to pay for stock. This makes it appealing to startups on a tight budget. You won’t have to buy a product unless it has been paid for by the customer. Also low overhead, you won’t need to buy inventory or manage a warehouse, dropshipping eliminates the stress of overhead costs.

Minimum MOQ

With Dropshipping Fulfillment, you won’t have to do sourcing, packaging or delivery of the product. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the additional costs incurred in the whole process. You could just forward your customer’s request to a third-party supplier or purchase goods from company like AliExpress.

Wide Product Selection

You can provide a wide variety of products to test the market. This helps you experiment new product offerings and expand your product category listing.

The Disadvantages of Dropshipping Fulfillment

Over-Reliance On Suppliers

You always have to rely on your suppliers to keep stock and hope everything goes smoothly. Any supplier errors may do harm to your business and this can damage the reputation of your business.

Poor Customer Service

If a customer comes to you with the issue of a damaged, incorrect or missing order, it will be hard for you because you have nothing in control during the whole process.

Shipping Complexity

When working with different suppliers, you’ll experience separate shipping costs for sending every product. This will open discrepancies between the cost you offer to customers and the true shipment cost.

Low Profit Margins

Under fierce competition,you will be struggling to win customers. Especially for startups, you’ll have to think of how you can differentiate your brand and offer value.

Limited Branding

As the products are often designed and branded by the suppliers, your parcels are the same as your plenty competitors.

Your Accounts Maybe Banned By eCommerce And Ad Platforms

Due to the large number of customer complaints, eCommerce and Ad platforms have banned a lot of dropshipping accounts, and the case is increasing.

How Third Party Fulfillment Solve the Problems from Simple Dropshipping?

Dropshipping Fulfillment​
China logistics warehouse company
China logistics warehouse company

The Difference from Dropshipping when using a Third Party Fulfillment Service

Benefits of Using a Third Party Fulfillment Service in China

A fulfillment service in China is a company that specializes in warehousing, packaging, and shipping products to customers on behalf of online retailers. The service provider can help you consolidate your goods in their warehouse in China, and then ship them to your customers worldwide
China logistics warehouse company
China logistics warehouse company

Cost Savings

There are many factories in China where you can buy quality products at low prices. By consolidating your products in China and shipping them directly to customers, you can save on shipping costs and reduce delivery times. This can help you offer competitive prices to your customers and increase your profit margins.

China logistics warehouse company

Faster Delivery Times

Shipping directly from China can also help reduce delivery times, especially for customers located in Asia, Europe, or North America.

China logistics warehouse company

Reduced Administrative Tasks

By outsourcing your fulfillment needs to a service provider in China, you can reduce the time and resources required to manage your own warehouse, shipping, and customer service operations.

China logistics warehouse company

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Faster delivery times and more reliable shipping can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can lead to repeat business and positive reviews.

What You Get From Alleasy Supply Chain’s Fulfillment Services

Low Risk Fulfillment Just Like Dropshipping

Just like dropshipping, AlleasySCM makes order fulfillment simple. We are located in the shipping hub of the world, Shenzhen, China. We take care of sourcing, packaging and delivery, so can focus on marketing. We also provide 30-day free storage.

NO MOQ, Friendly To Start-Ups

We have no order minimums. This allows you to brand products and have a competitive advantage. AlleasySCM offers packing customization services to make sure you have that distinguishing factors.

Item Receiving Free

AlleasySCM doesn’t impose item receiving fees so you don’t have to worry about getting charged by the hour or per unit. This potentially reduces your overhead costs. You can also use the small inventory plus fast turnover method.

Flexible Shipping

AlleasySCM always offer the fast and affordable shipping options. We cooperate with leading shipping couriers such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, China Post, and RoyalMail,etc. to provide global shipping.

System Integration

AlleasySCM seamlessly integrates with various eCommerce platforms. Our team receives your orders automatically, enabling direct fulfillment in our ecommerce fulfillment center. After successful fulfillment, your store is updated with the status and tracking number. Trust us as your reliable partner among ecommerce fulfillment companies to simplify your logistics and enhance customer satisfaction.

China logistics warehouse company

As a dedicated Drop Shipping Agent, our main focus is fulfilling orders efficiently. Unlike dropshipping suppliers, we prioritize your needs over gaining more orders. We understand the dynamic nature of logistics and offer multiple shipping solutions. Our constant monitoring of each shipping avenue ensures timely delivery of your packages to your customers. Trust us for seamless logistics and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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China logistics warehouse company

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