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Get a Holistic Order Fulfillment Service for Your Ecommerce Business

AlleasySCM is at your service to offer full-fledged ecommerce fulfilment solutions. We are here in China to help merchants to sell and deliver their products worldwide. With our top-notch logistic solutions, we will handle the complete order fulfilment process. So, from your supplier to end-users, make your business highly efficient and profitable. We aim to scale up the entire warehousing procedure in an organized order. 

We are one of the ecommerce fulfilment companies in China. Our professional team will manage the entire order fulfilment and take the burden off your shoulders. Partner with our service today to witness a streamlined process with colossal business growth.

Our Fulfillment Service Will Be Your Ultimate Business Solution 

We understand that dealing with ecommerce fulfilment is quite challenging. The business has to deal with many hassles, from inventory management to the return process. AlleasySCM has brought an ideal solution to simplify the process. Our operational process includes ecommerce warehouse activities that our experts monitor. We make sure the entire process is running efficiently without any delay. 

Our eCommerce order fulfilment operational activities include on-time pickup, packaging, shipping, delivering, and handling return products. We track and monitor each process until it reaches the customer’s doorstep.

Check how our experts designed the fulfilment process

 On-Time Inventory Receive

We make sure the inventory reaches us on time. Our experts will count and inspect the products before storing them in the ecommerce warehouse. We study to check the quality standard. Our team will check for SKUs and barcodes after the products arrive. We have well-trained staff to handle the entire fulfilment process. 

 Inventory Storage

After your goods reach our fulfilment centre and the overall tests are conducted, we will transfer them to storage. The products are settled for short and long-term storage. We handle the ideal distribution of goods until it reaches the end users. We will ensure that our service drives your sales rate. 

Instant Processing Order

We conduct proper and on-time pickup and packing service for every newly received customer order. We have integrated automated solutions to fasten the order processing activities.

Our professionals are experts in handling advanced tools. We use the latest technological aids for order fulfilment. We make sure that the automation tools are functional all the time.

On-Time Pickup

Our specialized team handling the pickup process will select the right items for further processing. Before packaging, we consider specific information on the item, such as SKUs, product sizes, color, number of units, and ecommerce warehouse locations.

Seamless Packing

We have a professional packing team to handle the process. While packing, we consider the shipping costs and try to reduce them accordingly. We try to achieve the lowest practical dimensional weight. We follow optimal dimensional weight to speed transport and reduce shipment costs.

Our team makes sure to follow the safety standards for secured packaging. We also consider the material type while packaging. The team also handles the return of shipping materials and labels when a customer chooses to exchange or return the product.

Faster Shipping and Delivery

After packing, our team makes the packaged material ready to ship. With our strategic logistic solutions, we handle shipping products to the correct location. We proceed with the shipping process based on the customer's delivery mode preference.

With our automated solutions, we improve overall efficiency and accuracy. We speed up the operational approach to offer a great customer experience. We handle the distribution and delivery of multiple products at once. We consider every customer’s delivery location and let the product reach them on time. We offer both standard delivery and express delivery preferences for the customers.

 Quick Order Return Processing 

Our return processing begins automatically once the customer requests a return or exchange. Our staff will carefully execute the process and check the quality standards to ensure the goods are appropriate to restock back into ecommerce warehouse inventory. 

Gain Complete Access To Our Warehouse Activities

At AlleasySCM, we provide seamless access to our Ecommerce Fulfillment Warehouse activities and operations. Track and monitor your customers’ orders effortlessly. Gain insights into our complete order fulfillment process to ensure smooth operations. Manage orders and inventory conveniently through our user-friendly online portal. Partner with us for reliable and efficient Ecommerce Fulfillment Warehouse solutions that cater to your business needs.

China logistics warehouse company

Ship Your Products Worldwide With Our High-Quality Service 

Did you always aim to ship your products globally from China? AlleasySCM will help your dream come true. You don’t have to worry about expensive operational and shipping charges. We offer an affordable fulfillment service to help your products reach customers throughout the globe. We assure the business to form soon a solid customer base in a prominent geographic location. We ensure customers enjoy an excellent service experience every time they shop from your site. 

Our team has excellent experience in managing regulated and licensed products. Our in-house operational team is highly qualified and skilled. All the workers are licensed and follow the safety standards. Moreover, our QA and QC teams will actively handle the process with best quality practices. We take care of your customer preferences and process the order accordingly. 

Take Advantage of our Service and Stay Profitable

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China logistics warehouse company

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