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No, we also help lots of start-ups.
Alleasy does not charge a standard storage fee each month, but rather charges customers on remaining inventory stored at the end of the month. If a customer has no inventory remaining at the end of the month, the storage fee would be $0.
Absolutely! Alleasy allows customers to use their own custom boxes and packing materials free of charge. We treat custom packaging and packing materials as its own separate SKU. Customers will be responsible for creating inboun orders for these items and they will be included in Alleasy’s monthly storage fee.
Alleasy can source a variety of packaging options for you including corrugated boxes, poly mailers, and bubble mailers of various size. Packing supplies such as tape and shipping labels are provided free of charge.
Alleasy has negotiated shipping rates with courier like FedEx and DHL,TNT, UPS, EMS, China post, also other various airline, sea/railway shipping carriers, allowing customers to take advantage of the most cost-effective shipping rate for each order.
We can integrate with all major shopping carts such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Woocommerce, Amazon, eBay, etc.
After integrated with your store, the tracking number will be synchronized to your website/store and enables you to display the tracking information on your website to your customer, or let them track the package themself through provided tracking number and carrier.
Once the orders are shipped you should receive the tracking number within 24 hours.
A fulfillment service stores, prepares, and ships your products. They handle the logistics of getting orders into the hands of customers.
Fulfillment costs will vary depending on the specifics of your business, including the size of your operations and the products you ship. Setup, receiving, and storage fees of third-party fulfillment services can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
Many businesses benefit from outsourcing fulfillment. Here are a few signs it might be the right time to outsource the fulfillment process for your business: Sales spikes: You experience a high volume of orders during a certain time of year. Growth: Your customer base is growing, and your present infrastructure can’t keep up. Time: Fulfilling orders is consuming your time and limiting your ability to focus on other aspects of your business.
China logistics warehouse company
China logistics warehouse company
Third-party logistics (3PL) services act as a middleman in the fulfillment process, working between the seller and customer. The seller sends inventory to the 3PL service, and when a customer purchases a product, the 3PL service fulfills the order. Sellers who use dropshipping do not handle their inventory at all. Instead, the seller creates orders for manufacturers or suppliers who then deliver products directly to customers.
The safest, most cost-effective way is to use a shipping agent based in China, who specializing in Amazon FBA. Once you know the weight and dimensions of your shipment, you can contact a shipping agent and they will help suggest the best way to ship. With this information you can log into Seller Central and create a shipping plan for your China shipping agent to follow.
The cost will vary depending on different shipping methods. As a general rule of thumb, the fast the mode, the more expensive, and the larger the volume, the more you can save. You can consult with Alleasy Supplychain if you are unsure of the best shipping mode for your cargo. We will offer shipping options and you can choose the best one.

The easiest way to save when shipping to Amazon is to find a reliable shipping agent(freight forwarder). As an reputable shipping company in China, Alleasy SupplyChain will ensure you get the best service quality you would expect from the logistics market. We keep our overhead low and pass our savings to you!
Which shipping methods are available to ship to Amazon FBA? “When shipping from China to Amazon FBA in the US, your options include:
Express Shipping
Air freight
Sea freight
Truck or railway shipping(to European Amazon)

Shipping by air costs more but is faster, and shipping by sea is slower, but costs significantly less.”

When shipping via air express, the best incoterm is EXW. For the other shipping methods, we recommend using FOB, as it provides your forwarder with the greatest amount of flexibility, which they can use to build the most ideal shipping plan for your products.
The best way is to ask for referrals from other companies in the industry. You can also search online, and spend time communicating with the ones you find, to get a feel for their service and willingness to work with you. A lot of high-growth e-commerce brands use Alleasy Supplychain, most of our new customers are from our old customers’ recommendation. “
Some Chinese shipping agents offer quality inspection service, Alleasy Supplychain also help to check the quality from suppliers before ship to Amazon.
Alleasy Supplychain offer door to door DDP shipping service, which means, after we pick up the cargo from chinese suppliers, we will handle everything till delivery to Amazon warehouse, you don’t need to care about complex documents and customs clearance.
You’ll want to make sure your goods are packaged both to minimize the risk of damage, and meet Amazon FBA’s unique compliance requirements.
You want to make sure your goods are labeled to meet China export requirements, your final destinations importing requirements, as well as Amazon’s own labeling requirements. Check our FBA Prep in China services page for details. Let Alleasy SupplyChain help with this, you can make everything very simple.
Yes. We will provide tracking numbers for every shipments, and our customer service team will support if any doubt.
If you are looking for a professional agent to accompany you in shipping your products to Amazon FBA or elsewhere, you can contact Alleasy Supplychain, we have a professional team that will help you get shipments delivery to your destination in time, also save your cost on logistics part.

The shipping time from China to Amazon will depend on a few factors, such as your shipping method and the location of the Amazon destination warehouses.

To US:

By express: 2-6 days

By Air to door: 7-14 days

By Sea to door: 18-35 days( or slow sea shipping: 30-45 days)

To EU:

By express: 2-6 days

By Air to door: 7-14 days

By railway to door: 22-40 days

By Sea to door: 35-50 days

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