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One-stop Global Fulfillment Service

Fulfillment looks and feels complicated, our goal is to make ecommerce fulfillment a stress-free process for you. Let AlleasySCM handle the heavy lifting while you focus on growing your business.
Follow our step-by-step illustration, everything will become easy.
dropshipping order fulfillment

Step 1: You Get Your Products Ready

It starts with you bringing an awesome product to market and supporting it with the necessary marketing efforts to drive sales. If you can’t find a good supplier, we can help with sourcing service in China as well.
China logistics warehouse company

Step 2: Connect Your Online Store

Our software integrates with your online store. In a few clicks, we will start automatically receiving your customer orders in our system for fulfillment.
China logistics warehouse company

Step 3: Ship Inventory to Fulfillment Warehouse

You have your supplier ship the inventory from supplier to AlleasySCM’s fulfillment warehouse to be stored safely, ready to be fulfilled. We can help with pick up service in China as well.
China logistics warehouse company

Step 4: Orders Start Flowing into AlleasySCM

When an order comes in from your online shopping cart or marketplace, our system checks that the item is in stock, the address is valid, and the order is mapped to the best shipping method. Once it passes through these checkpoints, it’ll automatically be submitted for fulfillment. If not, we will inform you that an action is required.
China logistics warehouse company

Step 5: Order Fulfillment

We pick the products and pack with suitable general packing materials or your customized packaging(“you can provide, or we can help with custom sourcing service.”)
China logistics warehouse company

Step 6: Ship By Best Shipping Options

We will discuss with you and suggest best shipping option for your orders. Different orders may be distributed by different shipping options, it depends on destination country, nature of the product, your requirement on delivery time, accepted price range, etc.
China logistics warehouse company

Step 7: Orders Tracking Sync

Once dispatched, the tracking numbers will be synchronized to your store, so you can monitor every order’s tracking information.
China logistics warehouse company

Step 8: Your Customers Receive The Parcels

We know this is your brand’s time to shine, so we’ll adhere to your custom packing procedure making sure you put your brand’s best foot forward.
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China logistics warehouse company

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