How it works-
Ship From China

Make All Shipping Easy From China To The Globe

We understand your concerns to ship your valuable goods from China. Alleasy Supply Chain offers flexible shipping service,

China logistics warehouse company

Think of Alleasy Supply Chain as part of you in China

Follow our step-by-step illustration, everything will become easy.
Step 1:
You Get Your Products Ready
It starts with you bringing an awesome product to market and supporting it with the necessary marketing efforts to drive sales. If you can’t find a good supplier, we can help with sourcing serving in China as well.
Step 2:
Ship Cargo To Our Transit Warehouse
You have your supplier ship the inventory from supplier to AlleasySCM’s fulfillment warehouse. We can help to pick up and collect goods from different suppliers if needed.
Step 3:
Perform Personalized Services(If needed)
Provide personalized services such as quality inspection,customized labeling / replacing, custom packaging, kitting & assembling, etc.
Step 4:
Prepare For International Shipping
After all cargo received and inspected all in good condition. Finish discussion to confirm shipping option, we will prepare the cargo with relevant shipping document ready for shipping.
Step 5:
Arrange Shipment To Be Shipped
We book the early shipping schedule, arrange shipment to be shipped by agreed shipping option.
Step 6:
Tracking Information Updating
After shipment shipped, we will update relevant tracking information for your shipment. For most of shipping option, tracking number is available so you can track by yourself, or else, our customer service team will be available to support if any query.
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China logistics warehouse company

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