How it Works

China Fulfillment Warehouse

Save Time and Cost with China Fulfillment Center

Take our warehouse as your own warehouse in China.

By using China Fulfillment warehouse, you can do almost everything you want with the products , just like you do in your house.

Get in touch now and get 30 days free storage

Deliver Cargo to Warehouse

You have your supplier ship the inventory from supplier to AlleasySCM’s fulfillment warehouse. We can help to pick up and collect goods from different suppliers if needed.

Warehouse Operation Discussion

You send us your detail requirement like: repacking, labeling, quality inspection, kitting & assembling, etc, we will confirm the procedure before start the work.

Perform Warehousing Operation

We handle the value added service in accordance to agreed procedure with timely update, after the work done, we will provide relevant report so that you can easily understand how the work is done and the result.

Faster Delivery Times

After sorting all cargo in good condition, will start the inventory storage, or arrange shipping to your destination based on your requirements.

AlleasySCM’s Fulfillment warehouse provides comprehensive services.

Below are the typical warehouse services for easy reference:

Order Fulfillment ( Same day pick,pack & ship)

Same-Day shipping available for new orders confirmed before the SLA cutoff time.

Kitting & Assembly

Pre-assembling of individual SKUs into a bundled kits

Perform Warehousing Operation

Prepare your orders for tailored launches with re/co-packing of goods, relabelling, packaging, sleeving, wrapping, and banding.

Quality Control

Visual/tactile inspection and assessment of your goods during inbound with custom inspections per your specifications also available.

Cargo Sorting

Our warehouse will sort all inbound cargo for faster stocking and accurate inventory management, preparation for shipping.

FREE for 30 days storage to manage your inventory carefully and save your rental fees in the most cost-effective way.
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