Shopify Order Fulfillment

Scale Your Brand with Shopify Order Fulfillment Services

Expand your reach and connect with more buyers worldwide with top-class Shopify order fulfillment services. Connect your Shopify store with AlleasySCM, an outsourced fulfillment partner. Expanding through the globe, our Shopify fulfillment network helps strike the perfect balance between speed and cost efficiency. Now, it is easy to streamline inventory management and the entire order fulfillment workflow. Let our innovative omnichannel fulfillment solution help you manage your orders and free up your time, so you can focus more on the aspects of your business that matter the most.


End-to-end Shopify Order Fulfillment and Shipping Solutions

A successful eCommerce business does not come from just having an aesthetically appealing Shopify store. You also need to ensure that your orders ship correctly and promptly every single time. Seamless order fulfillment is one of the crucial aspects of any sale. You spent so much of your time and effort finding the right customers and converting them. Now that the hard work is over, it’s time to master the fulfillment stage.

It is exactly here that AlleasySCM helps you. When you choose us, you will enjoy flexible and reliable fulfillment services in China. We’ve helped various E-commerce store owners make their supply chain more efficient than before with a range of services such as China storage, logistics consultation, E-commerce, order fulfillment, and inventory management, among others. You can rely on us to provide the best fulfillment services you need to scale.

China logistics warehouse company

Expedite Order Fulfillment with Our Innovative Services

AlleasySCM’s Shopify fulfillment network is spread across China and has favorable shipping rates. We are more than an average 3PL. Unlike other services, we provide our customers with end-to-end logistics services that simplify the entire supply chain and dramatically reduce fulfillment expenses.

From warehousing to order processing, custom packaging, and quality control, AlleasySCM offers an array of services to online retailers. Here’s how we help brands scale:

Reduce Complexity and Boost Sales

It's time to stop compromising on reliability and scalability. Now you can build an eCommerce experience that stands out with the flexibility and power of AlleasySCM’s order fulfillment ecosystem.

Let us help you bring down complexity and focus on maximizing your business growth.

Save on Your Delivery Costs

Another benefit of using our fulfillment service in China is that there are various factories here where you can purchase high-quality products at affordable rates.

We consolidate your products in China and ship them straight to your buyers. It lets you save a huge amount on shipping costs while lowering delivery times. Thus, you provide your customers with reasonable prices and boost your profit margin.

Seamless System Integration

It's easy to link your Shopify store with our fulfillment software. All you require is just a few button clicks. Your order will get imported in seconds.

After the integration, our team can view your order details automatically. This facilitates the fulfillment of your daily orders directly in our fulfillment center. Post-order fulfillment, the fulfillment status and tracking number get synchronized to your E-commerce store automatically.

Get a Total Value-Based Solution

AlleasySCM’s Shopify order fulfillment services provide you with inventory management support, data-driven business forecasts and insights, and accountability.

We believe in continuously improving our services. Our team pays much attention to details so that we can offer you a solution that simplifies your international and domestic needs and improves the value chain to your buyers.

How We Ease Your Order Management Process


Experience 100% Inventory Accuracy.

AlleasySCM specializes in warehousing, packaging, and shipping items to customers for online retailers. Customers get a variety of industry-leading assurances for receiving shipping accuracy, processing, and more.

Exceptionally Low Error Rate

Customers today expect exactly what they have ordered. But on average, the fulfillment company gets at least 1 out of 25 orders wrong. We have an exceptionally low error rate and strive to take our performance further.

High Inventory Accuracy

A crucial part of ensuring that your customers receive what they desire and when they desire it is to see that the item is ready to pick when ordered. However, an average fulfillment company can lose around $20000 worth of a $1 million inventory. AlleasySCM ensures that your customer’s product is ready to pick. Rest assured that you won’t ever lose money because of our mistakes. Our warehouse arranges all inbound cargo for highly accurate inventory management.

China logistics warehouse company

Same-Day Pick, Pack, and Ship

With the growing competition in the marketplace, the customer expectation is increasing. No one can afford to have a specific proportion of their orders not shipped on time. Today, buyers expect more and more. AlleasySCM provides same-day shipping for new orders that are confirmed before the SLA cut-off time.

Schedule a Call with Us Today

AlleasySCM is trusted by emerging brands like Elepants, Joplins, and 8000 KICKS. We are committed to helping you operate more efficiently and achieve the growth you deserve.If you are facing any order fulfillment challenges, we’d like to extend a helping hand. When you choose us as your partner, we’ll enable you to take charge of your supply chain and boost your profit margins. Our Shopify order fulfillment services automate order processing to enhance its accuracy and efficiency.

We quicken your shipping times and cut the shipping prices. In simple words, AlleasySCM is an E-commerce logistics expert that will assist you throughout the process. Contact us today to discuss your needs. We offer 30 days of free storage for new customers. So, get in touch today.

China logistics warehouse company

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